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We provide painting, carpentry and home improvement services including:

  • Painting
    • Interior
    • Exterior
  • Carpentry
  • Remodeling
    • Basement renovation
    • Drywall installation
    • Drywall patching and sanding
  • Deck Construction
    • Staining and sealing
    • Restoration
    • Pressure washing


Our experienced and insured team has a reputation for professionalism. We provide free site estimates and detailed quotes for interior and exterior painting for a variety of properties, including:

  • Residential
  • Multi-Family
  • Commercial

Rely on our uniformed, experienced, and insured painting contractors to go the extra mile. We fix problems at the source by making necessary repairs to the building, taking care of siding repairs, power washing, caulking, damaged wood, and cracked stucco.


For apartment complex, multi-unit housing and commercial painting needs, our professional commercial painters are courteous of your current residents. We don’t interfere with the daily lives of your residents and we maintain common areas and clean up construction debris daily. We complete your project in a timely manner so you can focus on your business.


We offer several important carpentry services to our customers that are related to both your interior and exterior needs, including but not limited to:

  • Rotted wood replacement

  • Repair siding and exterior trim

  • Deck construction and restoration

  • Fascia and soffits

Exterior Carpentry

AB Contracting has years of experience in wood rot repair and replacement. Wood rot will usually begin as a small area but will grow and get worse if not properly repaired, which will result in a more costly dilemma. Regardless of the cause, it must be addressed prior to painting or the problem will return in a short period of time.

We know that there are efficient ways of replacing and repairing siding, trim, columns, shutters, stairs, decking and more. AB Contracting has carpenters, equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to make your wood replacement a success. We will use the kind of wood that best matches the size and look of the existing wood.  

After installation, replacement trim is sealed, caulked, puttied, primed and painted to match surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you with one stop shopping from commencement to completion with total satisfaction…guaranteed.