Multi-family property painting

The Easy Choice Property Managers Can Make with Confidence

Property managers in charge of leasing and maintain multi-family buildings have a lot on their plates. Making sure tenants’ needs are met, ensuring repairs are completed accurately and in a timely manner, enforcing community rules, maintaining full occupancy—all these responsibilities and more can be very stressful.

One thing AB Contracting can take off your hands is the painting of your property. When you hire us to paint your multi-family building and units, you can rest assured that the job will get done on time and will meet or exceed your expectations.

Multi-family properties, like condominiums, apartment buildings, duplexes, HOA painting and mixed used properties need regular painting like any other property. They require their interiors and exteriors repainted to keep them looking seamlessly maintained. Keeping the property clean and fresh increases its visual appeal. This helps to retain current residents and to attract future residents. 

"I appreciate you all and what you do for my communities! Working with AB has made my job so much easier these last few years."

- Jenn Duncan -
Managing Partner, Management Plus

Painting Multi-Family Properties Is More Demanding

Multi-family properties require special attention and have unique issues. Painting any commercial property is more arduous than residential painting, but multi-family property painting is even more so.

One of the reasons for the extra challenge is that multi-family properties never really close. Most other commercial businesses have regular hours. Exterior commercial painting can usually be done easily while employees or customers are in the building. The interior painting can be scheduled around working hours.

When painting a multi-family building, there will always be people at home, entering and exiting the building, or gathering indoors or outdoors as a community. This presents an additional challenge during any painting project.

AB Contracting understands that painting multi-family properties requires us to be more

flexible in scheduling our painting projects. We recognize the predominantly demanding, around the clock, work schedule of multi-family unit properties. We will ensure a team of professional painters is on the job, working tirelessly to complete the job safely and on time. 

The Importance of Professional Painters

When painting multi-family properties, you don’t want to hire anyone off the street. Sure, they may save you a few bucks in the short term, but the risks involved are not worth the savings. At AB Contracting, we specialize in this service and bring expertise and knowledge to each job that sets us apart from our competition.

Communication. Because painters will be in and out of multiple units, dealing with a variety of people, they must know how to handle conflicts and other tenuous situations. AB Contractors assigns an experienced project manager to supervise all multi-family property painting projects. That project manager will be the point of contact for any issues and questions, both from tenants and the property manager.

Liability. Another risk of hiring an unlicensed amateur is the potential liability involved. If there are any damages to the property or injuries caused to the painters or the tenants, you will be responsible for them. AB Contractors is fully licensed, bonded and insured, ensuring that any damages or injuries will be covered under our policies.

Quality. The professional painters at AB Contractors are experienced and trained in the latest painting techniques. They have the necessary equipment and materials and know how to use them properly. No amateur will have the resources that a professional has to achieve the best results.

Guarantee. It’s highly unlikely that any amateur painter will guarantee their work. AB Contractors guarantees your satisfaction for every paint job we do.

Leave the Painting to the Pros

AB Contractors has one goal in mind: to deliver exceptional quality paint jobs with superlative service and workmanship. We guarantee the best paint solutions within your project specifications, limitations, and budget.

Equipped with years of extensive knowledge and experience about multi-family property painting, we guarantee you the most suitable selection of paints and protective coatings for your community, catered specifically to your distinctive needs.

Contact us today to see how we can make your life as a multi-family property manager a little bit easier.